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African Pygmy hedgehogs are a small exotic animal that are not native to the US. There are quite a few variations of hedgehogs, but the most common kept as pets in the US is the African Pygmy. Hedgehogs can come in a variety of colors, markings and patterns, along with their own personality and quirks. While they aren't difficult animals to care for, they do require certain things needed for proper care. Check out our care section for more information there. Have you decided this is the animal for you? Start reading over our policies and fill out our application, and we'll get in touch as soon as we go over it.

About Us..

We are currently a hobby breeder located in Fort Worth, TX. We work out of our home and with our animals daily to provide the best care and socialization for them. We have been actively breeding since 2018 where we strive to provide happy, healthy and adorable babies to our customers. Health and temperament are our number one focus with our babies, but providing a variety of colors and unique masks are an added bonus. We track pedigrees and only have pedigreed animals within our herd. The hedgehog gene pool isn't huge so tracking pedigrees is very important, and we work with other breeders to diversify our lines further. All of our babies come with health guarantees and lifetime support. We are happy to help anyone if you have questions or concerns, reaching out through Facebook will get you the fasted response but email is another form we will respond with as soon as possible.